CLAAS Quadotex 3200 XL
CLAAS Quadotex 3200 XL
  • High-performance twine for straw and silage bales.
  • Perfectly suited to high density balers.
  • Extremely high running length per spool.
  • Designed especially for use in QUADRANT balers.
  • Can also be used with very good results in other makes of baler.
CLAAS Silage hay straw baler products
Uniformity and consistency

CLAAS Select QUADOTEX Twine is manufactured to a Quality Assurance system, ensuring uniformity and consistency throughout.

Easy Feed System
Easy feed system

The ’easy feed’ spool system provides a wider spool center from which twine is drawn allowing it to run free and easier from the spool center without kinking. This eliminates problems in the twine guides and knotter mechanism.

High Strength and Consistent
High strength

All CLAAS twines are highly fibrillated, guaranteeing that the twist is uniformly applied to the twine allowing trouble free operation through the twine guides and knotter mechanism.

Name Units per Pallet
CLAAS Quadotex 3200 XL 36


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