Brazilian Sisal Twine
Brazilian Gold Sisal Twine Spool

Premium-quality sisal twines from COSIBRA®, Brazil’s most experienced twine manufacturer. Brazil’s extra-long and strong fibers ensure uniform knotless twines for both square and round bales.

Features include:

  • Extra-long fibers for consistent trouble-free baling.
  • High tensile and knot strength.
  • Specially treated to resist rodents and insects.
  • Also available untreated for silage.
  • Biodegradable.
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Uniformity and consistency

Extra-long fibers for consistent trouble free baling, uniformity and true length.

High Strength and Consistent
High tensile and knot strength

High strength yarn for maximum performance.

pest protection
Fully Treated

Treated to resist mildew, rodents and insects.
(Also available untreated for silage.)

Environmentally friendly - Recyclable
Environmentally friendly

Biodegradable – Environment friendly – User friendly.

Small Square Bales
Name Bales per Pallet
10,000 50
9,000 50
7,200 50


Round Bales
Name Bales per Pallet
16,000 50


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