TamaTwine+ 4100/600 Blue Spool

Large Square Baler twine TamaTwine for Large Square Bales comes in a range of products designed to suit your needs.… Posted in: Tama.

John Deere XtraTwine Plus

Large Square Bales Reduces your cost and increases your baler’s potential! Exclusively available through John Deere dealers. Features include: Uniform… Posted in: John Deere.

CLAAS Quadotex 3200 XL

High-performance twine for straw and silage bales. Perfectly suited to high density balers. Extremely high running length per spool. Designed… Read more

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CLAAS Quadotex 3400 & 3400 CX

High Performance Twine for Quadrant Balers CLAAS Quadotex 3400  Achieve the full performance of the QUADRANT 3400/3300 balers Especially developed for… Read more

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