Texas Twister<sup>™</sup> Plastic Baler Twines
Texas Twister Blue Pack

Premium grade, spiral-wrapped monofilament twines

Texas Twister baler twine is a premium grade twine specifically developed to resist intense exposure to ultraviolet light (sunlight). Its strength and durability make it a twine you can depend on and the premium quality assures you of consistent, trouble-free baling.

Features include:

  • Contains special UV light inhibitors, allowing it to endure lengthy exposure to sunlight.
  • Twine runs trouble-free in baler.
  • High visibility – blue color.
  • Makes tighter bales.
  • Always uniform consistency.
  • No taste, smell, oil or food value to attract rodents.
  • Available in different tensile strengths for different bale weights.
  • Each spool shrink-wrapped to avoid tangle and waste in twine box.
  • Can be used on any properly adjusted baler without modifications.
Texas Twister™
More Information
Name Tensile Units per Pallet
20,000' 110 # 50 boxes
20,000' 125 # 50 boxes
20,000' 140 # 50 boxes


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