About us
Tama USA was established in 1980 in Dubuque, Iowa as Ambraco Inc., a company specializing in the nationwide distribution of crop baling solutions in the USA. In 2014, Ambraco joined the Tama Group – an international company based in Israel that is the world leader in crop baling products. As of 2017, Ambraco completed the transition with a name change to Tama USA Inc.

Crop Baling Solutions
Tama USA’s main area of specialization is baling solutions and protective products for agriculture, or “Crop Baling Products”. Its focus is on Netwrap and Polypropylene or Sisal twines for baling hay, straw, and other forage crops, an area where it has led the US market for the last twenty years. Tama USA also sells silage films to complete a full basket of Crop Baling supplies. In recent years, Tama USA has introduced two groundbreaking products: Round Module Wrap (TamaWrap® Cotton Wrap) for the John Deere 7760 cotton picker; and John Deere B-Wrap® for “barn quality hay without the barn”.
Tama USA’s vision is to give dealers and distributors the means to supply each farmer and custom operator with the product that best suits his needs. This vision is supported by constant investment in customer service and by strong relationships with key manufacturers. This assures timely supply of baling products, with the highest quality for consistently good baling results. Tama USA offers the highest level of service and support in the industry.

Tama USA continually invests significant efforts in supporting and improving its customer service. The company has 14 different storage locations around the USA to assure timely and efficient supply of the product. In addition, Tama USA has developed a unique in-field customer service function to support its dealers and their customers throughout the baling season.