Turf Reinforcement Extruded Net
Turf Reinforcement Net

For all grass types, High quality, Easy to cut, Regional warehouses across the US, TamaNet’s great service.

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Knot Strength

The Turf Reinforcement Extruded Net is very strong in both directions.

Versatility & Adaptability

The Turf Reinforcement Extruded Net will fit the harvesting of very young sod.

Enjoy windproof installation with up to 5 disks

The Turf Reinforcement Extruded Net could be installed with an installer or manually (the traditional way).

Width Keeping

The Turf Reinforcement Extruded Net comes in both 17’ and 20’.

Environmentally friendly - Recyclable
Less Plastic Per Bale

The Eco-Cycle brand is degradable.

Extruded net is strong in both directions, easy to cut, and very suitable for young sod.

Now Available: *20Ft wide *17Ft wide

Field net placing setting insalling

Setting turf reinforcement net for turf sod growing knitted weave and extroded mesh.

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