Tama XD 4100 600 USA&CAN spool blue

Large Square Bales TamaTwine for Large Square Bales comes in a range of products designed to suit your needs. Choose… Posted in: Tama.

Clearfield™ Spools

Polypropylene for Round Bales Features include: Combines the unique benefits of plastic and sisal twines in one product. Lasts longer… Posted in: Clearfield.

Texas Twister Blue Pack

Premium grade, spiral-wrapped monofilament twines Texas Twister™ baler twine is a premium grade twine specifically developed to resist intense exposure… Read more

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Brazilian Gold Sisal Twine Spool

Premium-quality sisal twines from COSIBRA®, Brazil’s most experienced twine manufacturer. Brazil’s extra-long and strong fibers ensure uniform knotless twines for… Read more

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