Sustainable manufacturing
Tama has developed unique production methods combining cutting-edge technologies and
the use of raw materials that result in reduced weight for netwrap, cotton wrap and twine;
and enable the use of recycled materials in the manufacture of cotton wraps. The outcome
is a reduction of several thousand tons of plastic annually!

Recycle friendly materials
Tama Crop Baling Products are produced with materials such as HDPE and Polypropylene which are all recyclable!
Zero waste
Tama aims for zero waste during production and manufacturing processes.
Less plastic per bale
less plastic per meter compared to other netwrap.
less plastic per meter compared to other twine.

Our premises
Tama products are manufactured on sites that rely on natural gas, and renewable energy.
Tama uses photovoltage solar systems to generate electricity, self-charging economical lighting in production sites and no pollution is generated - no smoke, nor toxic sewage.

Our premises
voluntary collection

Voluntary collection schemes
Tama Group is a proud partner to many collection schemes around the globe, dedicated to creating a tangible way to address agricultural waste management, help farmers better manage their waste and contribute to a healthy environment and a sustainable future.

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Green light
A cleaner environment
The Tama Group invests significant resources in research and works tirelessly to develop new ways to clean and recycle our post-consumer products.