The land is the basis for everything. As farmers ourselves, we’re fully committed to minimizing our environmental impact, with all the means at our disposal

As the global Crop Baling Solutions leader, Tama is committed to doing what we can to reduce plastic waste. We understand the valuable role that plastic plays in our and other sectors. At the same time, however, we recognize the importance of using and disposing of plastic properly in order to ensure sustainable development. Tama approaches the issue of plastic waste in two ways:

We maintain an open dialogue with all official committees, groups and organizations that tackle the issue of plastic waste across diverse markets, as well as actively provide them with technical support and know-how.
We maintain best practices to reduce plastic waste as much as possible through a set of policies and actions.
Tama Environment Infinity
Collection schemes
* Tama participates in mandatory and voluntary collection programs in many Western European countries and regions.
* We are actively looking to identify and implement more collection schemes in more countries and new regions.
Less plastic per bale
Tama utilizes innovative production techniques and advanced materials that make our netwrap and twine products lighter and stronger than other offerings.
This translates to:
20% less plastic per meter compared to other netwrap.
25% less plastic per meter compared to other twine.
As the market leader in our field, Tama is always looking for innovative ways to develop our products with less plastic, with environmental awareness in mind.
* Tama offers a brand of recycled netwrap and recycled twine products.
* Our netwrap and twine products are all made out of fully recyclable materials.
* We are continuously looking to increase the use of recycled materials in our production plants.